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It’s a Colorful Life Fall Tour

See our fall front porch included in Martha Stewart’s 16 Beautiful Fall Porches to Inspire Your Own.

Hello! And welcome if you are coming my way from BD Interior Design on the tour! I’m Ruthie and this is my barely blog. I use it when, on the rare, I want to share a little more info than I can sling on my insta.

I didn’t have fall decorating plans until Jennifer and Jewel asked me to join up on this tour. Flattered by the queens of color’s invitation and worn down by my children who craved some festive decor, I added a bit of autumnal joy inside and out.

Everett and I put together a fall table during a break from his online kindergarten class. We gathered leaves, flowers, and pinecones from the yard. Grabbed some apples from the fridge and the rest from the recesses of our sideboard. It’s all thrifted, overtime, except Grammy’s dishes.

Emmeline, after finishing her virtual school for the day, wasn’t sure about the pink. But, I think it works once mixed with other natural, fall goodies.

The total smoke show was the best part.

I kept things simple in the entry, too. I ordered the wreath and garland, on fall doorbusters sale, for curbside pickup at JoAnn Fabrics. (Unavailable online, but limited stock at some stores.) Added a gaggle of pumpkins from Walmart and some lanterns we had hanging around.

I usually keep seasonal decorating fast and easy… and budget friendly since the shelf life is short.

We are smack in the middle of fall here in Iowa and it’s raining colorful leaves. Basically free, fall decor.

Thanks for checking out my fall festivus. Up next on the tour! Mimosa Lane

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Everett’s Bedroom Details

PB Kids Blinds / $14 Gingham Sheets/ $70 Room Dividers Rod / $44 Blackout curtains / $13 for two Tartan Pillows

Why hello there! Here are a few details you all said you were interested in about Everett’s cozy, new bedroom. Let me know if I missed any details of interest.

Tone on tone wall paint:

I used the same paint color head to toe in this room, just mixed in different sheens. I’m kinda into this whole dipped look at the moment and it’s perfect for Everett’s pint sized bedroom. At only seven feet wide, the one color gives a more expansive look, making the walls visually recede.

I mixed the wall paint from leftovers in the basement.– part satin, part chalk paint. I think the sheen ended up somewhere near matte. I brought in a paint stick to Ace Hardware and had it color matched in flat for the ceiling and eggshell for the trim.

The plaster was crumbling on this side of the house. A result of water damage from a leaky, original 1935 slate roof. I fixed all the plaster myself and you know what? There are some flaws. Shocking I know. The less perfect the walls the lower the sheen I go. It’s a balance, though, because little boy, bedroom walls need to be wipeable.

Creating the bed nook:

I used room dividers available in a number of finishes and sizes. We installed with anchors in the ceiling. A month in, things still look secure.

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Three tips: kiddo approved counter stools

Hello! I’ve learned a few things about buying kitchen stools with kids. 1. Recommended materials: leather, wood, metal, plastic. What do they have in common? Sturdy and easy to clean.

Gifted: Homemakers Steve Silver Counter Stool (back in stock this fall!)
$77 White IN STOCK

2. I look for stringers on all four sides. Small tots can climb up on their own. If your kids are a little older, a front and back connector will do. (The stringers are the connecting pieces at the bottom of the stool.) This is something I missed when I first bought stools for this house. You’d be surprised how many times you have to take your tot on and off the stool, sans those handy climbing rungs. Not fast enough? They’ll make the flying attempt on their own.

3. Lastly, a wider base than seat. This makes it less likely when your kiddos are climbing up and down that everything will go tipsy.

Here are a few more stool gems from Homemakers. All clocking in under $100.

Such a great RH lookalike at $88! Ashley Odium Counter Stool
Similar vibe to West Elm’s Slope Stool: Ashley Centiar Gray Counter Stool $58
Such a cute metal/wood combo for $56: Ashley Showdell Brown Counter Stool

DeFuzzing the Sofa

*Test all these methods in a spot you can’t see before moving ahead. You can see videos of these methods saved in my highlights, on Instagram, under DeFuzzing.

Good: Any old razer will do the trick. Go with the grain of the fabric and make sure there are no nicks in the razer. This requires a little patience and elbow grease. Rating: one glass of wine relaxing.

Better: Battery operated fabric shaver. This is so easy and almost hypnotic. Zero effort, but takes a long time. You will likely need to change the batteries to finish a decently pilled sofa. Rating: Two glasses of wine, relaxing.

Best: Oh Gleener. Magical Gleener. These take moderate effort, but it goes the quickest of the three. There are several attachments for different fabric types and issues. Safest on upholstery. Great for pet hair. Rating: 1.5 glasses of wine relaxing.

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Clutter-Free Cleaning Closet

Link to product sources on Amazon

I’m very adult. And am prepared to gush over my new trash closet… without shame. This kitchen closet required a full demo to access the plumbing for Everett’s bathroom. It was formerly a disaster. Piles of stuff jammed on the only shelf, mismatched trash cans… and still painted yellow with random drywall patches.

And look at her now!! All the cleaning supplies stashed in baskets. Mops and broom hung on the door with care. My favorite addition it’s the dual trash and recycling can. I even popped for trash/recycling decals for their tops.

No more shuttering when party guests ask, “where’s the trash.”

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Hit the Showers

Toilet paper holder / Locker / Exposed Plumbing Shower / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint (also the sides of tub) / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain / VCT Tile Laid in a Plaid Pattern (We used: Classic White, Grayed Blue, Mid Grayed Blue)

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Prepster Locker Room Fit for an Everett

$7 Jelly Jar Sconces / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain

Well Hello, There. Last November Everett’s bathroom sprung a leak. We shut off the water and closed the door. I went about my days as if that basement flood never happened. Totally normal behavior.

Fast forward four months and we finally got things patched up. Since everything had to be torn out before we could put it back together again, we gave Everett’s bathroom a fresh look, too.

I decided on a locker room vibe. Basic. Easy to clean. Perfect for a 4 year old boy and beyond.

This is the first project in our house with zero DIY. It was completed in two weeks by our contractor’s crew. Here are a few ways to save when you aren’t going the DIY route:

-Use basic and commercial/industrial products and install in interesting ways. I snagged inexpensive, outdoor lights and installed two lights above the mirror. Just a little bit quirky and unexpected. And used a laundry faucet that looks oh so much like the $400 one at Rejuvenation. On the next post I’ll show you how we prepped up $.79 VCT Tile. Yup that stuff that clad your middle school floors.

-Do the design work yourself. Pick the finishes. And order the supplies (with guidance from your contractor)

-Don’t change your mind. Changing things mid project is a recipe for extra cha ching on that bill.

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